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Riyoko Ikeda

Riyoko Ikeda is a manga artist from Osaka, Japan. She was one of the most popular mangakas in the 1970's, best known for The Rose of Versailles (Versailles no Bara). Apart from it, she has written and illustrated many shoujo manga series and one-shots.

Early in her career, Riyoko Ikeda was inspired by the style of Osamu Tezuka. She made a debut in 1967 with Bara Yashiki no Shoujo (lit. "The Girl of the House of Rose"). In 1972 she started working on The Rose of Versailles, historical manga set in France. After a huge succes of this series, Ikeda released Onisama e ("Dear Brother"), which was later collected into three tankobons.

In 1975-1976 two one-shots, Claudine and Shouko no Etude, were published. Between 1975 and 1981 Ikeda's series Orpheus no Mado ("The Window of Orpheus") was serialized in Shueisha's Margaret magazine.

History and biographies have always been Ikeda's favorite subject. In 1982 she was inspired to create Joutei Ekaterina (lit. "Empress Catherine") manga, which tells the lifestory of Catherine II of Russia. The series was collected into 5 volumes. Riyoko Ikeda left the manga field in mid-1980's, although since 1999 she has been working as a scenarist for other artists. Her last major work was Eikou no Napoleon - Eroika ("The Glory of Napoleon - Heroic"), first published in 1986. This manga, based on Napoleon Bonaparte biography, was eventually collected into 14 tankobons.


Major works of Riyoko Ikeda.
Series Year ANN
The Rose of Versailles (Versailles no Bara) 1972 link
Dear Brother (Oniisama e...) 1975 link
The Window of Orpheus (Orpheus no Mado) 1975 link
Empress Catherine (Joutei Ekaterina) 1982 link
Eikou no Napoleon - Eroika 1986 link


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