The Witcher Saga

The Witcher (Wiedźmin) is a series of fantasy novels and short stories by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. His first short story from the series was published in 1986 and was enormously successful both with readers and critics. Accodring to the official website of The Witcher video game,
... it is into his [Andrzej Sapkowski] unique world of pervasive magic, bitter conflict, and occasional dark humor, that you will be immersed.
Sapkowski's saga includes the following novels:
  1. Blood of Elves (original: Krew elfów)
  2. Time of Contempt (original: Czas pogardy)
  3. Baptism of Fire (original: Chrzest ognia)
  4. Swallow's Tower (original: Wieża Jaskółki)
  5. Lady of the Lake (original: Pani Jeziora)

The books have been adapted into a movie and television series, a video game and etc. The Witcher short stories and novels have been translated into several languages. In 1993-1995, they were adapted into six graphic novels (comic books) by Bogusław Polch.


Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy, usually called Regis, was a higher vampire, who meets Geralt in the novel Baptism of Fire. He was present in all subsequent novels of the Witcher saga.

Regis was introduced as a middle-aged physician and a barber surgeon from the city of Dillingene, living at a graveyard in order to collect rare herbs. He is described in the novels as being very pale, resembling a 'tax collector'. Regis explained that he had spent all summers nearby the ancient Elven necropolis to pick various herbs and the rare species of Mandrake. He distilled medicines and elixirs for his shop in Dillingene, as the Mandrake distillate (alcohol) costs a fortune. His true identity was found out later, when he had to reveal himself to save Geralt's life.

Regis admitted to be four hundred twenty eight years old. It is said in the novels that vampires do not need blood for survival, but drink it for amusement as an alcoholic beverage. Regis, however, managed to overcome this "addiction" after he started to fly in a drunk state and almost died after an ill-considered attack of human farm girl. He was caught by peasants, beheaded and buried alive. After regeneration, which took about fifty years, he completely refused to consume human or animal blood. It is implied that Regis decided to join Geralt's journey in order to atone for the past sins.

Abilities and weaknesses

Despite initial concerns of Geralt, he was loyal companion and wise adviser who constantly helped Geralt and his friends. As a high vampire, he was an opponent of the highest risk category for witchers. He had no fear of sunlight, holy water, silver or garlic. He was resistant to fire and low temperatures, he could become invisible, as well as survive serious injuries and transform into a giant bat.

Animals, especially horses, felt vampiric nature of Regis, so to confuse their sense of smell he'd always carried a satchel with herbs. As such, he was constantly followed by a strong herbal-spicy scent. He also avoided mages and telepaths, and barely moved his lips while smiling to conceal the sharp teeth.