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Who is Yoon Mikyung?

About the artist.
Yoon Mikyung (or Mi-Kyung) is korean manga artist, who received the "Best New Artist" award in 2004 from the esteemed Dokja-manhwa-daesang organization. She is known mostly for the ongoing manhwa The Bride of the Water God, which is currently serialized in korean magazine Wink.

The manga and licensed by Dark Horse Comics. Here's the brief plot of the story, taken from Entropy Group: Soah is a girl from a small village. The Water God (also known as Habaek) is upset and so a long drought has been devastating the village people. In order to appease the god, they marry Soah off to him by sacrificing her to the Water God in exchange for rain. The Water God rescues her to his Water Kingdom, where her new life begins.


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Here are some examples of Yoon Mikyung's art. Scans were made by Entropy Scanlation Group and edited by me.

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The site exists exists for nonprofit entertainment purposes only, no copyright infringement intended. All manga and characters solely belong to Yoon Mikyung. The Orchid is a part of and TFL. You're looking at the layout version 4.0, made by me (deerstop) in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and coded with Espresso. Original images taken from The Bride of the Water God manhwa.