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Images taken from the The Art Of Metal Gear Solid 1.5 artbook by Yoji Shinkawa, published in 2004 by SoftBank Creative (ISBN: 978-4-7973-2680-2). Graphics were done by me (deerstop) with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and coding with Espresso.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid abbreviated as MGS is one of the first stealth-action video games. It was developed by Konami and initially released for the games console Sony PlayStation in 1998. It is a third game of the Metal Gear universe, designed and directed by the one and only Hideo Kojima.

From Wikipedia:

Metal Gear Solid is often recognized as one of the key titles involved in popularizing the stealth game genre. The idea of the player being unarmed and having to avoid being seen by enemies rather than fight them has been used in many games since.
It is also sometimes acclaimed as being a film as much as a game due to the lengthy cut scenes and complicated storyline.

In the alternative reality, the group American soldiers gains control over a nuclear robot Metal Gear REX, which is capable of firing nuclear warheads. Solid Snake Terrorists want to get back the remains of Big Boss, 'greatest soldier in the history of mankind'.

Legendary mercenary Solid Snake (the protagonist) takes this case. He agrees to take part in the operation - neutralize the terrorists and rescue the hostages, uncluding Colonel Campbell's daughter Meryl Silverburgh and Metal Gear REX's designer "Otacon".

Snake is a composed and self-assured professional, who prefers to work alone. However during the mission he is supported via codec (portable radio) by his former commanding officer Roy Campbell, doctor Naomi Hunter, Chinese-American data analyst Mei Ling and weapon specialist Nastasha Romanenko.