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Hello, and welcome to Balance, the one and only TFL-approved fanlisting for beautiful martial arts film Ip Man (also known as Yip Man, Chinese: 葉問), released in 2008. The movie, starring Donnie Yen, is loosely based on the story of the renown Chinese martial artist Ip Man, in particular his life in the city of Foshan and the events of the second Sino-Japanese War.

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Ip Man (Chinese: 葉問) is a critically acclaimed Hong Kong martial arts and "biographical" (not really) film directed by Wilson Yip. It premiered in Hong Kong on December 18, 2008. This film is very loosely based on the life of Bruce Lee's mentor Ip Man (also spelled Yip Man). The plot generally revolves around the events in Foshan city between the 1930th and 1940th. The leading role is performed by Donnie Yen. Ip Man is the fourth collaboration between this actor and film director.

From Rotten Tomatoes:

At once beholden to the established conventions of the genre and delightfully subversive of them, Ip Man is one of the most exciting -- and refreshingly character-driven -- martial arts films in years.


The film opens with master Liu opening a kung fu school in a city in southern China called Foshan. Liu comes to fellow master Ip Man (Ip is a family name), a practitioner of Wing Chun style, for the "exchange of experience" or, to put it simply, for a friendly sparring match.

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They fight behind the closed doors, so that nobody in Foshan knows the winner. Nevertheless, one of the citizens accidentally sees Liu's defeat through an open window. He then gossips about it, calling master Liu a weakling and praising the skills of master Ip Man. News of Ip Man's victory is instantaneously spread around Foshan. Enraged, Liu bursts in a teahouse while Ip is having a dinner with his friend, and demands an apology for spreading the rumours. Ip Man, who's actually a very kind and polite person, is surprised to hear about them. He then refuses to confirm that he had won the fight against Liu. After a while an impudent Northern Chinese martial artist Jin Shanzhao (practitioner of Shao Bei Fist style) arrives to Foshan and decides to open a school. He challenges one master after another, including master Liao, and defeats them all. The only one who easily beats Jin is Ip Man, thus earning the respect and gratitude of the whole Foshan.

After the beginning of second Chinese-Japanese war, Foshan is captured by the Japanese army headed by general Miura. Ip Man loses his house, and his wife and son are starving, so he has to look for a job. He employs at a coal mine, where he meets a former Foshan police inspector Li Zhao. Li Zhao works for the Japanese as a translator. He makes the following offer to the workers: they come to the newly established dojo of general Miura, compete with Karate practitioners from Japan, and those who win get a bag of rice. Ip Man refuses to fight for Miura's amusement, but his old friend Lin (nicknamed "Crazy" Lin) readily accepts the offer. He is, however, killed in a brutal fight with general Miura. Next day Lin is obviously absent at work. Worried about his friend, Ip Man goes to the arena himself and catches Miura's attention.


  • Donnie Yen as Ip Man, grandmaster of the Wing Chun style
  • Lynn Hung as Ip Man's bossy wife
  • Li Ze as their son
  • Simon Yam as Chow Ching-chuen, Ip Man's trusted friend and a businessman
  • Gordon Lam as police inspector Li Zhao, who later becomes a translator for Japanese officers, and branded a traitor by other Chinese people
  • Fan Siu-wong as rude Northerner Jin Shanzhao, later a thief and the leader of his own gang
  • Xing Yu as Crazy Lin
  • Chen Zhihui as master Liu, talented martial artist
  • Hiroyuki Ikeuchi as Japanese general Miura, who is passionate towards martial arts


The soundtrack was written by Japanese composer Kenji Kawai. The album was released on 16 December 2006 by Warner Music Hong Kong.

Track list:

  1. Maestro
  2. Harmony
  3. Wanna To Fight
  4. Arrogance
  5. Insolence
  6. Take Thing Easy
  7. City Of Sadness
  8. At A Loss
  9. In Vain
  10. Decayed
  11. Stuck In A Moment
  12. Pay For It
  13. Fight
  14. Die For It
  15. Ip Man
  16. "Nirvana"
  17. Desperado
  18. "Siu Lim Tau"
  19. Entanglement
  20. Fearless
  21. Going Under
  22. "Rigpa"
  23. In Danger
  24. Sinking
  25. Ready To Fight
  26. Battle For Righteousness
  27. Remembrance
  28. "Harakiri"
  29. Completion
  30. Maestro II
  31. The Trailer


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