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Ilegenes (Japanese: イルゲネス, Irugenesu), also known as The Genetic Sodom ILEGENES (イルゲネス~黒耀の軌跡~), is a science-fiction manga series written by Mizuna Kuwabara and illustrated by Kachiru Ishizue. It has been published in Japan by Mag Garden since 2008. This manga consists of five volumes so far.

From Baka Updates:

Ilegenes is an island internationally known for its prowess in genetic engineering research and technology. But behind the scenes, it is a breeding ground for illegal clones, which are sold for major profits in the black market.

Young Fortinbras Littenber (Fon), gifted son of renown professor, joins the Ilegenes Military Academy. He is surrounded by rumors, but nobody suspects that the main goal of his life is to find and punish murderers of parents. Continued investigation forces him to realize all horror of the clones' breeding, for which Ilegenes was nicknamed "The Genetic Sodom".


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