Hello! Welcome to The Nightmare Exam, the TAFL-approved fanlisting dedicated to Kou Kijin (黄 奇人), a secondary character from the popular series Saiunkoku Monogatari. He is mysterious and eccentric, and is never seen without one of the masks from his wide collection. Do you like him? Do you think that he's the sexiest man ever? ^_^ Then join us! ♥

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Saiunkoku Monogatari (彩雲国物語; lit. "The Story of Saiunkoku") is a manga and anime series based on Japanese novels written by Sai Yukino (雪乃 紗衣) and illustrated by Kairi Yura. In brief: Kou Shuurei, nice and pretty girl, dreams about passing the imperial examinations and taking a post as a government official. If you're interested in the series, a Wikipedia article contains much more information.

The character Kou Kijin (黄 奇人), born Kou Houju (黄 凤珠), is not deeply involved in the main plot. In the world of Saiunkoku, he's the Minister of Treasury and Taxation. One day Shuurei disguises herself as a boy and works in the Department of Finances, under Kou Kijin's command. This mysterious and eccentric person always wears a mask. People used to think that he acts so because he's incredibly ugly, but he's actually so beautiful that everyone falls in love with him at first sight, even men. People who see his face almost go mad with love, they have no peace and betray their families and wives.

After his fiance rejected him stating that she "can't stand beside" someone like him, Houju changed his name to Kijin and began to wear the masks. They also muffle the true sound of his voice, which is as silky and beautiful as his hair.

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The title

Why "The Nightmare Exam"? When Kou Kijin took the imperial exams, other candidates couldn't stop looking at him and were unable to complete their tasks. That is why almost all candidates (except Kijin himself, of course) failed to pass. This incident caused that year's exam to be referred to as the legendary Nightmare Exam.

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