This site houses fanlistings I own and maintain, and currently consists of 47 fanlistings, plus 1 upcoming. It has a total of 1534 members, with 0 waiting to be added. Also, I have already joined 474 fanlistings.
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 The Nightmare Exam The Nightmare Exam: Kou Kijin fanlisting

Kou Kijin is a recurring character in Saiunkoku Monogatari, a series of Japanese light novels written by Sai Yukino. The fanlisting was opened on 07th April 2007 and has 42 members.

 Kagemane Kagemane: Nara Shikamaru fanlisting

Shikamaru is a recurring character in Naruto, a popular manga series. The fanlisting was opened on 13th September 2015 and has 12 members.

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