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Greetings! Welcome to Yume, nakaba (Japanese for "In The Middle of the Dream" or "Half in A Dream"), the fanlisting dedicated to Loveless (Japanese: ラブレス), a shounen-ai fantasy manga series written and drawn by Kouga Yun. Loveless is currently serialized in the monthly magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum published by Ichijinsha. As of December 2017, the franchise consists of 13 volumes of manga, a 12 episode anime television series adaptation by J.C.STAFF, two artbooks, doujinshi stories drawn by Kouga-sensei herself, several manga drama CDs (which follow the manga pretty closely) and anime-inspired drama CDs.

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Loveless is a story of a 12 year old boy with amnesia who is devastated by the loss of his brother. The main character is Aoyagi Ritsuka, who has just transferred to a new school soon after the gruesome death of his brother, Aoyagi Seimei. Ritsuka discovers a posthumous message from Seimei indicating he was murdered, and, more than anything, wants to find out the reason why. Little is revealed about Seimei at the beginning of Loveless. It is hinted that he might have been murdered because he uncovered a secret or some information he wasn't supposed to and was killed for it. Because of his amnesia, Ritsuka is obsessed with taking photographs, and has a fear of forgetting people and being forgotten. Upon entering school, he is branded as a weirdo and is aloof toward the other students. Along the way he meets new friends, enemies and a mysterious “friend” of his deceased brother, Agatsuma Soubi.

Ritsuka finds out that in the world some people are able to engage in spell battles (スペルバトル; superu batoru) and to form pairs with a Fighter (戦闘機; sentouki) and Sacrifice (サクリファイス; sakurifaisu or also gisei). Soubi becomes Ritsuka's Fighter. A Fighter is the one who obeys the Sacrifice, attacks, defends and starts battles/accepts them, while a Sacrifice is the master in the fight, ordering their Fighter, but also the one who receives the damage of all attacks. When the Sacrifice is hurt, they get covered in blue chains which restrict them. Sharing an intimate moment with the Sacrifice ensues power boost. Fighters are also empowered by sharing the same True Name (各ペアが; honto no namae), e.g. BLOODLESS or FEARLESS, as their Sacrifice. It increases the attack damage depending on how strong the bond is in the pair. This creates little problems however in Ritsuka's case, because Agatsuma Soubi does not share his True Name. Soubi approached the boy on his brothers orders. Seimei was paired with Soubi and they shared a True Name Beloved. Ritsuka is called Loveless although his Name hasn't appeared on his body yet. Soubi takes up the spot of being Ritsuka's protector because he is a very strong fighter even without his true Sacrifice around.

List of volumes

Volume 1, released 2002/07/25, ISBN 9784758050029
Volume 2, released 2002/12/26, ISBN 9784758050111
Volume 3, released 2003/06/25, ISBN 9784758050340
Volume 4, released 2004/06/25, ISBN 9784758050777
Volume 5, released 2005/02/25, ISBN 9784758051200
Volume 6, released 2005/12/24, ISBN 9784758051989
Volume 7, released 2006/11/25, ISBN 9784758052542


Aoyagi Ritsuka (青柳立夏; voiced by Junko Minagawa) is the protagonist of the story. He is a 6th grader in elementary school, but quite mature for his age. The only understanding person in his life, his older brother Seimei, is brutally murdered. Ritsuka is a little messed up to begin with, his mother lost her marbles and lost his brother, his father is always at work, so in his world Ritsuka is very much alone. The mother of Ritsuka and Seimei, Aoyagi Misaki (青柳美咲), went insane after the death of Seimei and is always insisting that Ritsuka isn't the one she raised. She is abusive and violent, she cooks Ritsuka's favorite meals then throws a fit if he ever does anything she doesn’t think "her" Ritsuka would do, like come home late and not eat his dinner. After transferring to a new school, the teacher of his class room is shocked about the past he's had and aims to try and make him fit in. He retains no memories before two years ago, and the reason for his amnesia is unknown. He has an obsession with "making memories" where he takes pictures of what he's done in case he forgets it. From "A loner by nature, but apparently only since a second personality of his emerged two years ago. Ritsuka is cold, and sometimes even cruel towards others, but melts quickly when faced with genuine affection and friendship." Ritsuka doesn't know where his name Loveless is, and its possible there is another true fighter for him. It's speculated that another Fighter with the Name Loveless is to appear soon.

Other characters:

Agatsuma Soubi

Agatsuma Soubi (我妻草灯; voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi) is a twenty years old college student. At the beginning he is standing by the gates of the school awaiting to meet Ritsuka. Although he cares about Ritsuka a lot, it is clear that he only does so because his brother ordered him to. At first he just comes off as a pervert or maybe a masochist. Soubi's past isn’t much know from what is shown. He lost both of his parents when he was six years old. He was trained forcefully and painfully at the special school for Fighters, Seven Voices Academy headed by Seven Moons (ななつの月; Nanatsu no tsuki). Soubi was trained by principal Ritsu personally, who even resorted to whipping to make Soubi accustomed to pain. To protect or let Ritsuka find out on his own, Soubi keeps a lot of the information about Seven Moons organization confidential from him and it annoys him a lot because of this. The Name Beloved can be found carved into the neck with some painful looking barbed wire scars. It is later revealed that Soubi is a "blank Fighter" (空白(ブランク)の戦闘機), and has no True Name, so Seimei carved "Beloved" into the skin with a knife. They became a well-known pair for their strength in battle. From "Previously Seimei's "Fighting Unit," he was ordered by Seimei to get close to Ritsuka and protect him, should Seimei ever be killed. At first, he only acts under his deceased master's orders, but the two become increasingly close as the story progresses, and their relationship becomes more and more complicated."

Hawatari Yuiko

Hawatari Yuiko (羽渡唯子; voiced by Kana Ueda) is a slightly ditzy yet extremely compassionate classmate of Ritsuka's who has a crush on him. She is sad at first because he rejects her friendship, but through her kindness, befriends him in the end. However Yuiko is in love with him while he does not return the feeling. She likes to make jam, and gets very upset when some annoying females at school destroys the gift before Ritsuka can try it, this in turn annoys Ritsuka. Yuiko cares deeply for him, and at first he brushes her aside, but persistance pays off and she becomes a very good friend. From "A cute, busty, but somewhat slow girl at Ritsuka's new school. Somewhat of an outcast herself, she quickly tries to become friends with the mysterious, cranky newcomer." She has no special powers. She also has a fairly close relationship with Soubi, whom she treasures as a friend almost as much as Ritsuka. Often throughout the manga she either calls him for advice or stumbles into him on the street, and her dependence on the man implies that Ritsuka's relationship with him doesn't bother her at all.

Shioiri Yayoi

Shioiri Yayoi (塩入弥生; voiced by Jun Fukuyama) is Ritsuka and Yuiko's classmate. He is jealous of Ritsuka's closeness to Yuiko. He gets upset whenever Yuiko asks Ritsuka to come over to her house or if she offers him something, Yuiko wouldn't go out with him because he is "short". From "A fervent admirer of Yuiko's, Yayoi is at first jealous and angry at her fast friendship with Ritsuka, but he soon becomes friends with them as well." He acknowledges Ritsuka's statement of "We're not dating; just friends" and decides to win Ritsuka over as a friend, too. His character - like Kio's - is mainly comic relief.

Shinome Hitomi

Shinome Hitomi (東雲瞳; voiced by Mamiko Noto) is Rituska's school teacher. She has a gentle nature and still has cat eats (a sign of virginity) even though she is twenty-three years old. In many parts of the manga it is mentioned how she still has her ears at such a late age, and Shinonome easily becomes flustered at this topic. She is shy, easily ruffled, and naive. In the anime, Hitmomi likes Soubi even though he has no interest in her whatsoever and this more than often sends her into crying fits. In the manga, Soubi probably acts abrasive towards her because he has an ingrained disgust for teachers and other authority figures, and Hitomi simply becomes nervous and skittish when Soubi is around. Another possible reason Soubi acts so nasty to her is because she's a few years older than she is, and still has her ears. But she is really hurt by how he treats her. Otherwise, Hitomi is a nice person who looks after Ritsuka, Yuiko and Yayoi. She may seem meek and flaky, but she really cares for her students and worries about the bruises on Ritsuka.

Midori and Ai

Arai Midori (新井ミドリ; voiced by Motoki Takagi) and Myoujin Ai (明神愛; voiced by Ami Koshimizu) form the pair called Breathless. At the beginning of the series the pair was sent to capture Ritsuka but ended up trying to befriend him and warn about Soubi's past. Midori, the Sacrifice, likes drinking weird drinks, such as Summer tangerine cola, watermelon mixed juice. He makes up for his immaturity with great intelligence. He is a bit quieter and level-headed than Ai, but still gets his point across. Ai has a very strong will to protect Midori, and is a powerful Fighter. When she first meets Soubi she automatically labels him 'filthy' because he switched sacrifices, but as the manga continues she grows to like Ritsuka and Soubi. Breathless are both in 6th grade, like Ritsuka.

Kaidou Kio

Kaidou Kio (海堂貴緒; voiced by Ken Takeuchi) is Soubi's fellow art student and friend from college. They take Japanese painting together. He's a cheerful, friendly and easygoing sort of guy that loves piercings, tattoos, chupa-chups, and beer. Kio knew Seimei and hated him, he also hates Soubi's affiliation with Ritsuka and more than often refers to Soubi as a pervert, but he cares about Soubi. He gets upset and whines whenever he ignores him or goes off after Ritsuka, and dislikes it when he is hurt. Despite his early presence as a character who exists solely to create a lighter atmosphere, he gradually gains depth as the series progresses. He has a twin sister and a daughter Shikiko (海堂志貴子). In Loveless fanbook, it is revealed that Kio was 13 when his daughter was born, and she’s 7 now. Kio likes Soubi's painting and flirts with him incessantly, but it's pretty one-sided. Overall, Kio is probably Soubi's closest friend, and he would do anything for him. He has no special powers.

Ginka and Kinka

Ginka (銀華) and Kinka (金華) are Sleepless. This team is seen briefly in volume 2. Ginka (the woman), the Sacrifice, likes to shop, and has a close relationship with her Fighter. With a very willful personality, Ginka aims to get things done quickly and calculated. She's a bit smug, actually, and doesn't look upon Soubi with high regard. Kinka (the man) was sent along with Ginka to give Loveless an important letter from Ritsu. When they fight he is quick and gets quite annoyed when Soubi deflects each spell to his advantage. Ginka and Kinka have an obviously intimate relationship. Like in most Fighter/Sacrifice relationships, they care deeply about each other. They are pretty minor characters, and aren't given very much dialogue or personality.

Natsuo and Youji

Sagan Natsuo (目奈津生; voiced by Mitsuki Saiga) and Sagan Youji (目瑶二; voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino) are 0 (Zero). They are an experimental pair launched by a member of Seven Moons, Sagan Nagisa. The Zeros were genetically modified by Nagisa-sensei to experience zero pain (fight to the death). They have no sense of touch, hot or cold, and appear to have under-developed emotions. Natsuo, a Fighter, is a bit childish, he carries around a small teddy bear. Natsuo is a little more compassionate than his partner. As a Zero, he cannot feel any pain at all, nor judge temperatures. He wears an eye patch. It is later revealed that Natsuo stabbed himself in the eye to see if he could feel pain. Youji is the Sacrifice of the Zero pair. He likes video games and likes to treat everything like a game. He appears to be a intelligent and strong person, who looks after Natsuo. Nagisa-sensei modeled Youji after her deceased sister, leading to Youji becoming her favorite of the two. Youji can be a tremendous brat at times. Like Natsuo, he cannot feel pain, and this seems to bother him more than Natsuo. He loves living with Nagisa, and after she kicks them out because they fail to take down Soubi and Ritsuka he grows very upset. Youji goes to Natsuo for comfort most of the time, and even breaks down into tears at one point. Youji is much more impulsive than Natsuo, and feistier. Zero mock adults, having literally zero respect for them to begin with, and show how cruel they can be when against Soubi. When battling, they do so ferociously, tormenting the opponent because they doen't know what pain is, and think injuries are humorous. After the fight however Soubi adopts them, and they prove to be good friends to Ritsuka.

Kouya and Yamato

Sakagami Kouya (坂上江夜; voiced by Rie Kugimiya) and Nakano Yamato (中野倭; voiced by Yumi Kakazu) are Zero, another artificial pair. These two seem to have met when they were 10 or 11, and might be the very first set of Zeros in the Zero project (ゼロシリーズ; Zero series). Kouya is Nagisa-sensei's favorite student, but does not enjoy the special treatment. She is an excellent Fighter, and she seems cold-hearted and proud, but her affection to Yamato is tremendous. This is easily seen despite her attempts to conceal it. Kouya's unwavering love for Yamato stresses her out constantly - even to the point where her nerves make her vomit. Kouya dislikes Ritsuka's and Soubi's relationship thinking its unnatural and gets quite upset regardless. Yamato shows a deep connection with Kouya, and doesn't want to heed or impair her in any way nor become a burden. Not only do they share the same name, but Yamato believes that Kouya is her destiny and will follow her forever. Yamato is the rock of the pair, and appears to be the most friendly and outgoing of the two, but doesn’t show any real emotion to anyone other than Kouya. She is more cautious than her counterpart, but acts tougher. Yamato and Kouya appear briefly in the third and fourth manga, but after their "death" they have yet to be seen again.

Mei and Mimuro

Hotarubi Mei (蛍火 名) and Mimuro (金華) are Fearless. They are an adult/child team. Little is known about their background. Their style of fighting focuses on the offensive, rather than defense, but Mei is a very young Fighter, so her spells are still weak. Mei is a student at Seven Voices Academy, the school for Fighters, and she gains experience in fighting. She is also feisty, careless and inexperienced, so she doesn't listen to Mimuro's instructions in combat. But she has a crush on Mimuro, and she hides her long hair under a cap and dresses like a boy, because she mistakenly thinks that Mimuro is attracted to boys. Mimuro is quite reserved, but he appears to care about his Fighter, too, as he called their meeting a happy event. He acts like an older brother to Mei.

Yurio and Hideo

Yurio (百合男) and Yamamoto Hideo (山本英雄) are Bloodless. They are minor characters. Hideo, the Sacrifice, holds a grudge against Yurio, because he was imposed on Hideo. His true Fighter, a girl named Maiko he was deeply attached to, was taken from him against his will and replaced with Yurio. Hideo loved Maiko, although she was not a very strong Fighter, so he hated Yurio from the start. As an act of revenge, he carved the Name "Bloodless" into Yurio's cheek. "Yuri-sama", as he calls himself, appears to be fine with it. He is egocentric, childish, and calls himself a masochist for taking Hideo's damage in battle. Yurio is a "blank Fighter", just like Soubi. He doesn't seem to have any concept of honor, preferring to cheat at video games and using opponents' personal trauma against them in battle.

Hatsuko and Keiji

Shigemori Hatsuko (重森初子) and Shigemori Keiji (重森ケイジ) are Faceless. This team is seen in volume 10. They are minor characters. They are actually siblings from a family of ten brothers and sisters. No one can remember their face and even existence, because their faces are unreadable and unremarkable to the point of being easily forgotten, which unfortunately isolates them from other people. They were even forgotten by their own relatives. Hatsuko mentions that she was unhappy with this power at first, but later learned to use it to their advantage. Faceless are able to earn money by spying on other people, stealing and selling confidential information. Hatsuko is business-like and reserved, particularly around her clients. In Loveless fanbook, it is said that she is about 20 years old. Keiji is only present for a few scenes and is not very fleshed out. The Fighter/Sacrifice roles of the siblings are unknown.

Aoyagi Seimei

Aoyagi Seimei (青柳清明; voiced by Narita Ken) is seventeen years old. His True Name is Beloved. This character is somewhat of an enigma. In the first part of the story, we are told that Seimei was murdered, and that Soubi was his Fighter. Its said that he died in a fire in the school Ritsuka now attends. At first sight his death seems tragic, and Seimei himself seems nice, kind, loyal and helpful. A former member of Seven Moons organization, Seimei was supposedly executed by other members. However he faked his own death, and his niceness was also fake. In reality, he is unemotional, cruel, cunning, violent, devious, and most probably a psychopath. He is obsessed with cleanlines and hates being touched, he can't even eat with someone watching him. Ritsuka seems to be the only exception, because when Seimei was "alive" they often walked hand in hand, took baths together, went to the hospital together, talked about things, Ritsuka always slept in his bed. Seimei protected Ritsuka from their mother, too, so he is loved fiercely by Ritsuka. He was five when Ritsuka was born. There are only two people in the world to Seimei: Ritsuka and himself. He states that he wants Ritsuka to forgive him for being what he is and to accept him. He says: "I just want to be loved by Ritsuka. We’re the only two human beings in this world. In this world... there’s only us. We exist, and no one else. " Others, including his own Fighters, are just some dirty creatures or tools to be used. As Seimei himself says, "Pretty birds and cute dogs are always necessary. I love them. But I’d never treat a dog like a human." He has always been cruel to everyone, being described as a 'prick' by Yamato. Seimei is the Sacrifice of the Beloved pair. At Seimei’s request, Soubi was given to Seimei as a Fighter about three years ago. Seimei is also the reason Soubi was sent to Ritsuka.

Akame Nisei

Akame Nisei (赤目二世) is Seimei's true Fighter who shares his Name Beloved. Little is know about his past. In Loveless fanbook, it is stated that Nisei is the same age as Seimei (i.e. 17). His parents are divorced, and he lives alone. What can be inferred from canon is that he is currently a student. His character is very cruel and ruthless, despite his petite and feminine appearance. Nisei enjoys psychological attacks in battles, delights in others' pain just like Zero couples, and also tends to try to evoke pity from others in order to manipulate them. He claims: "I don’t understand this loving or wanting to be loved. I don’t want it, I don’t understand it, and, frankly, it makes me kind of sick." Nisei first appeared in volume 5, masquerading as Seimei and visiting Ritsuka's mother to drug her with pills and encourage her to kill Ritsuka. He begins to spy on Ritsuka under the orders of Seimei. He and Soubi have a mutual distaste for each other, and Nisei hates Ritsuka too. Nisei has only one friend, Mimuro, the Sacrifice of the FEARLESS team, but it's unknown whether he truly cares about him. However it's pretty clear that Nisei cares deeply about Seimei, which is ironic considering their personalities. Nisei realizes that his own Sacrifice would use and then betray him. Despite Nisei's jealousy of Soubi and the fact that Seimei is only interested in his powers but not in him, Nisei states that from the moment he met Seimei, he thought he was "beautiful". Mimuro believes that all Nisei wants is someone that he can be himself with.

Mikado and Tokino

Gomon Mikado (御門みかど) and Fujiwara Tokino (藤原時野) are Moonless. This team appears in volume 9. They are the strongest if they fight under the moonless sky (e.g. in the daytime or rain). Mikado, the Sacrifice, is a 14 years old girl. She is Seimei's former friend, but unlike Seimei she believed in the Fighter/Sacrifice bond. Now she hates the Beloved pair, because Seimei ordered Nisei to cut her hair off (her pigtails are actually a wig) and rape her, while he watched, and when she asked about the reason, Seimei's reply was basically "Why not." Tokino sleeps a lot and tires easily because his body is physically weak, but he is an exceptionally strong Fighter. He is a gentle person who is devoted to Mikado, fussing over her and feeding her sweets to cheer her up. He gets very upset when she remembers the past. They seem to live together in an apartment building, with Tokino taking care of chores.

Minami Ritsu

Minami Ritsu (南律; voiced by Koyasu Takehito) or Ritsu-sensei is the principal of Seven Voices Academy, the school for fighters that Soubi attended. Collects butterflies as a hobby. He raised and trained Soubi. He has a twisted passion for Soubi, whom he taught personally for years during Soubi's youth. His lessons included teaching Soubi how to stand pain without crying out. In a flashback chapter it is shown that 15 year-old Ritsu was infatuated with Soubi's mother. She was older than him and, most importantly, his teacher. Ritsu confessed, but she turned him down. After her marriage and subsequent death in a car accident, he took her son Soubi in because even as a child Soubi was a spitting image of his mother. It is implied that Ritsu-sensei was appointed to be his guardian. What we see in flashbacks is that Ritsu did not treat him well, although when Soubi was 17 he expected Ritsu to take him as his Fighter. For unknown reasons the principal gave him away to Seimei, saying that he “already had a Fighter”. It is not stated explicitly, but Ritsu-sensei is probably to blame for taking Soubi's ears. His Fighter was Nagisa-sensei's younger sister Sagan Sanae (目沙苗). Their True Name was Endless. Sanae died when she was 13 years old by drowning in a pond. Although young Ritsu left her alone in a pond, knowing that she could not swim, he does not seem guilty or remorseful about her death.

Sagan Nagisa

Sagan Nagisa (目渚; voiced by Sanae Kobayashi) is a woman who behaves like a little girl and dresses in Lolita fashion. She is the creator of Zero teams and another teacher at Seven Voices Academy, and she also seems to be a scientist of some type. She often becomes flustered around her colleague Minami Ritsu, and it is possible she has a slight crush on him. Nagisa is extravagant most of the time and wears unique outfits, and her mood seems to fluctuate quite often. Nagisa-sensei is known for cold cruelty to her own creations (the Zeros) and her outbursts and dramatic behavior towards Ritsu. They have a love-hate and rivalry-like relationship. She denies caring for him but it's obvious. They've known each other since childhood, with Ritsu being the Sacrifice to Endless, Nagisa's younger sister Sanae. Nagisa used to defend Sanae when Ritsu treated her unkindly, and was deeply affected by her sister's death. She created Youji in her sister's image. In Loveless fanbook, it is revealed that Nagisa is past 30.

Nana (7)

Saotome Nana aka 7 (早乙女七) is in charge of security at the school Seven Voices Academy, and also is a member of Seven Moons. She is very intrigued by Seimei's death and begins to investigate it with Ritsu and Nagisa. Her only "friend" is Nagisa, but that is probably because she remains cooped up in her office almost all the time in her pajamas with her multiple computers and cereal bars. She first is introduced into the manga while Ritsuka is playing Wisdom Resurrection. Her online gaming character is later used to speak with Ritsuka online.


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