Greetings! Welcome to The Story is Just Beginning, the TFL-approved fanlisting dedicated to the theme Liberi Fatali (translates roughly as "Fated Children") from fantasy role-playing video game Final Fantasy VIII, a part of the popular series Final Fantasy developed by Square (now Square Enix). Liberi Fatali was composed by Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu of the Square company stuff. It is heard during the game's introduction sequence - a long full motion video featuring some of the main characters, like Squall, Rinoa, Seifer, and Edea, as well as a great action scene and clips foreshadowing the events of the story.

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The fanlisting was last updated on 23rd April 2024, with Ame as the newest member(s). There are currently 71 fans listed and 0 pending. Powered by Enthusiast.

MANY thanks to Ava for letting me adopt it, and also to the fanlisting's previous owner Hyony.


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