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Welcome to Give Me Strength, the TAFL-approved fanlisting dedicated to Kai Tsurugi (剣解), the mangaka and doujinshi creator. If you enjoy Kai Tsurugi's artwork as much as I do, than feel free to browse my site and join the fanlisting, but please read the rules first. ♥

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  1. Tsurugi Kai website (web archive)
  2. Tsurugi Kai page on BLUmanga.com (web archive)
  3. Anime News Network article on Tsurugi Kai
  4. manganews.net - list of works and scanlators.
  5. sasmira's livejournal - some pictures in high quality. Highly recommended.
  6. Black Knight manga at Amazon.com - to buy manga and doujinshi. Support the mangaka!

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Kai Tsurugi (剣解), born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, is a manga and doujinshi artist. She is the author of Kuro no Kishi (黑色騎士; "Black Knight") manga which is licenzed by now-defunct BLU (you can read about it here or here). However, Kai Tsurugi is known mostly because of beautiful doujinshis for Final Fantasy VIII, D. Gray-man, Saiyuki and even Cyborg 009. She describes her personality as indecisive and this can be seen in the fact that her hair color is constantly changing! She enjoys listening to Bjork and the Cranberries as she works and plays videogames, such as Resident Evil, in her free time. Her favorite manga is Master Keaton.

So, here are some examples of different one-shots and manga series. Click on the preview to see larger image. Thanks Essence of Purity and sasmira for the scans. Warning: some of the images contain yaoi (romantic relationships between two men), watch at your own risk. ;)


 photo black_knight_cover03_eng.jpg Black Knight (黒の騎士; Kuro no Kishi).
Year of First Print: Aug. 2003
Status: complete.
Publishers: BIBLOS (2003), BLUmanga, Libre Publishing (2008).
The manga includes 6 volumes and one-shots, for example Shi ni itaru tsumi (Deadly Sin) in volume 1 (august 2003).

Preview: Black Knight, the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a knight in the kingdom of Aran. Zeke O’Brien may have his eyes on the title of Black Knight but he’s also after another prize, the young prince, Chris. Black Knight is a sweeping romantic fantasy epic about the relationship between the prince of a medieval kingdom and his loyal guardsman. Our story begins when Chris and Zeke meet in military school and embark on a life-long relationship fraught with danger, treachery, and above all, love. (from BLUmanga)

 photo sono_yubi_cover01.jpg Sono Yubi no Tadoru Kizu (その指のたどる傷; The Wounds Those Fingers Touch)
Year of First Print: May 2003
Status: complete.
Publishers: BIBLOS.
ISBN 4-8352-1450-1
The manga includes three chapters (Aspire part, Incubation part and Sono yubi no tadoru kizu) and three one-shots, 28 pages each:
  1. Solitude (Sorityuudo)
  2. Enchainement
  3. Koi ni Naru Hi (The day when love comes)

Preview: A fateful encounter between two ice skaters with drastically opposed styles and personalities leads to unexpected consequences. Alex Tsutsumi can’t seem to forget Yura Haruomi’s so graceful performance on the ring. (from baka- updates).

 photo goshujinsama_to_ore_01.jpg Master and I? (ご主人様と俺?; Goshujinsama to Ore?)
Year of First Print: September 2006
Status: complete.
Publishers: Libre Publishing
ISBN 4-86263-037-5

Preview: When Nobuhiro's father dies the college student is left with a lot of debt. The only way for him to work it off is too move in with his uncle and tutor his cousin Suguru, a illness-prone high schooler. (from baka-updates)

 photo i184620.png My Life with You
Year of First Print: October 2008
Status: complete.
Publishers: Libre Publishing
ISBN 486263477X

Preview: Scientist Eric Stuart has been kidnapped. To rescue him, Steve McDaniel, an elite soldier, must infiltrate the enemy's fortress, find the kidnapped scientist, and bring him home.(from baka-updates)

 photo i104502.png Mr. Secret Floor (Mr.シークレットフロア).
Year of First Print: 2010
Status: ongoing.
Publishers: Libre Publishing.
The manga includes 5 volumes.

Preview: In the super luxurious hotel Grand Ocean Ship Tokyo, there's a special floor exclusive for royalty, tycoons, politicians, and Hollywood stars. To keep their anonymity, they are referred to as "Mr. Secret Floor" by the staff. Yamagi Kyo, bestselling novelist, is a permanent resident in one of the rooms in this secret floor. In fact, he's the half brother of the owner, Shirahase Taka, from a different mother. As a famous mystery writer, he's sought after by many publishers. Aiba Takuto from Cosmo Publisher was newly appointed to handle the task of obtaining the famous novelist's manuscripts. How far would this new editor go to get the manuscripts?. (from baka-updates).


Arawashi Sakura - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: Mar. 2002.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Bless # 1. First Printed: Aug. 2001.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Bless # 2. First Printed: Jun. 2001.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Chizu ni Nai Basho - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: Dec. 2002.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Filthy Bleu ~Yogoreta Ao~ (Filthy Bleu 汚れた青。) - CRUSHERs. First Printed: May 2000.
Final Fantasy VIII doujinshi (Seifer x Zell)

Hana () - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: Dec. 2005.
D.Gray-Mani doujinshi (Kanda x Allen)

Hansha Kyoumei - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: Aug. 2005.
D.Gray-Mani doujinshi (Kanda x Allen)

Haru ni Saku Hana (春に咲く花) - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: Aug. 2005.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Himitsu no Oyatsu (ひみつのおやつ) - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: May 2004.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Hokule'a The Arcturus In Bootes - CRUSHERs. First Printed: Aug. 2000.
Final Fantasy VIII doujinshi (Seifer x Zell)

Ima, Genzai - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: Dec. 2004.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Kami no Itazura - with Sakura Annin. First Printed: Dec 2001.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

L’amour est Bleu (Koi wa mizuiro, Aquatic Love) - CRUSHERs. First Printed: Jun 1999.
Final Fantasy VIII doujinshi (Seifer x Zell)

Move, a Final Fantasy VIII doujinshi (Seifer x Zell) First Printed: May 2005.

Nettaiya (熱帯夜) - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: Aug. 2002.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Seifer Zell no Tanoshimikata/Seifer Zell no Arekore (サイファー ゼルの楽しみ方/サイファー ゼルのあれこれ) - CRUSHERs. First Printed: Aug. 1999.
Final Fantasy VIII doujinshi (Seifer x Zell)

Self Happiness - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: May 2002.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Sweet Life - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: Aug 2004.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Yakusoku PROMISE (約束 PROMISE). First Printed: Dec. 2004.
Final Fantasy VIII doujinshi (Seifer x Zell)

Yasashii Doku (やさしい毒; "Tender Poison"). First Printed: Aug. 2001.
Saiyuuki doujinshi (Hakkai x Gokuu)

Yume () - with Yutaka Rin. First Printed: Oct. 2005.
D.Gray-Man doujinshi (Kanda x Allen)